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Introduction to the Environmental Management Program

As China enjoys a remarkable period of rapid growth, it is also facing grave environmental challenges, such as the air and water pollution. Many of the problems are closely related to how the country uses energy. China’s environmental laws and regulations are neither ideal nor well implemented, and the government agency responsible for environmental protection is understaffed and lacks sufficient authority. For this reason, it is crucial for China to develop integrated environmental policies targeting air pollution, climate change, and sustainable energy development, and to effectively implement these policies and solutions.

The Overarching Goal:

To achieve win-win outcomes for clean air, clean water, and safe climate by developing national and local air and water policies that encourage sustainable energy solutions.

Program Initiatives:

  1. Support air pollution prevention and control national policy development;
  2. Support local air quality management (at regional, provincial, and city levels);
  3. Support air pollution reduction in key sectors and priority areas;
  4. Support more effective environmental enforcement and compliance;
  5. Support multi-stakeholder participation in air quality improvement, including business, NGOs, media, and the public; and
  6. Support sustainable water resources policies and practices pertinent to sustainable energy development.



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