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published Jul 2, 2019
Since the beginning of the new century, China has enthusiastically promoted the concept of “ecological civilization,” which seeks to systematically expound the relationship between the environment and development of the economy and the society. The official exhortation “development for the people, by the people, and for the benefits of the people” most succinctly explained the nature of the country’s people-oriented development. The first key breakthrough in this area occurred in the combat against air pollution. After all, improving air quality is to protect the health of the people. And in order to improve air quality, we must rely on the combined efforts of the Chinese people who can all benefit from clean air.
published Jul 2, 2019
Recently, the National Energy Administration in China announced in its “Risk and Early Warning for Coal Power Planning and Construction for 2022” that eight provinces are on red alert for an excess of installed capacity of coal power. This is a sharp reduction from 17 in its early warning for 2021 issued last year.
Low-carbon development is not an abstract concept in a world beset with extreme weather events brought about by climate change. It comes into being against a specific socio-economic background: being at a certain socio-economic development stage, endowed with a certain amount of energy resources and a required level of technological development and innovation.
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